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06 12 2017

North American 2017 Pecan Crop

How much damage hurricane Irma made on the Georgian pecan seems difficult to estimate.
Nevertheless, the US Production is estimated at 274 Million in shell Lbs. This number might be increased somehow if we include the Pecan Production of some smaller states generally producing Native Pecans.
Harvest of pecans will finish mid/end January, and this is another 60 days.
Adverse weather might affect the total quantity, and, in the pecan world, one should never be too optimistic.  
The carry out of 2016 into 2017 is about equal to the past 5-year average carry out/in.
We have reports indicating that the Mexico crop is smaller. The total available this year for USA and Mexico will be very similar to the 2016 crop.

Customers have now started their price negotiations and are evaluating volume and delivery period.
Some suppliers (maybe 1 or 2) have offered kernels from Mexican processors to EU at prices well below the market value. 
Those products always carry a higher risk than the products from US processors due to varying food safety, labor and quality standards; however, this cheaper price has garnered interest. 
We are ready to listen to your inquiries and promise to reply with a competitive offer.
Caplenco/EU-Golden Pecan Team
07 07 2017

2017 California almond estimate

See herewith the 2017 California almond estimate.
The almond estimate was released on July 6, 2017.
The estimate is for a 2017 California almond crop of 2.25 billion lbs.
This is a little lower than some had expected.
For now, we expect little change in the market prices.
We see little reason for the market to go lower.
We expect some buyer who have been waiting for lower prices to come into the market to cover some of their needs

The Caplenco Team

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09 03 2017

Almond Position Report February 2017

Please find herewith  The Almond Position Report which was released on March 9, 2017.
While shipments for February were slightly below last year, we are still well ahead on an annual basis.
Recently secondhand prices have fallen a little, but  packers are slow to lower prices.
The bloom is over and the general feeling is for an average size almond crop.
For now a good range would be 2.0 to 2.15 billion lbs 2017 crop.
We shall see.
Please advise any buying interest.
Caplenco Team.

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01 03 2017

Almond Bloom Spain

A picture from the almonds fields close to the Mediterranean coast.
Today the conditions for the bloom are exceptionnal. But we have at least another six weeks frost risk. This is quite a long period for Spain....
Anyhow it is spectacular, enjoy!
03 03 2016

Statistical Report

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Find herewith (pdf Download), from the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council, their latest Statistical report. 

Caplenco Team
+32 2 568 00 68

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24 02 2016

Macadamia Market Newsletter

Please find attached the latest Market update (pdf) from Green & Gold Macadamias.

This report is referring to the good 2015 crop. European buyers behaved cautiously due to the weak €uro. In April '15 China supply chain was disrupted as importers are trying to avoid the import duties.
2016 season starts with a very little world carryover.
2016 Crop expectation very similar to 2015: 
   - Worst drought for Southern Africa. Approx. 10 % Drop
   - Drought also affecting emerging macadamia origins
   - Low rainfall in Australia.

Current Market outlook:
   - Tight supply
   - Demand from China might result in serious volatility of the prices
   - Strong increase of macadamia nuts as an ingredient
   - Prices remain firm at similar levels as those of 2015
   - Recommand buyers to cover their future needs, as supply will be tight.

New crop shipments will start in May/June 2016

Kind regards,


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We are committed to bring our customers complete satisfaction by delivering excellent service and top quality products at the most competitive prices. Our dedication to remain competitive in pricing is channeled through efficient processing and shelling and effective use of supplier resources. We contribute this deep commitment and dedication as a major part of the success of Golden’s U.S. Pecan Division.
Borges is fruit of the Mediterranean values. Values that today it spreads throughout the world, with natural quality products, healthy and tasty, so that all people can benefit from the standards of quality and qualities of the Mediterranean culture, life and diet
Progida was founded in Istanbul in 1988.Today one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural and semi-finished hazelnut kernels and operate a modern factory in Giresun / Turkey.
The CERNO GROUP is organised around it Walnuts Growers Cooperative COOP CERNO and it commercial subsidiary CERNO.
For 30 years, COOP CERNO has been federating some 500 Producers and promotes the Walnut Activity.
In 1925 August Wilhelm Kruse und Friedrich Karl Eduard Heß founded Kruse, Heß & Co., based in Hamburg.
Today Kruse, Hess & Co. GmbH & Co. imports a wide range of seeds and dried fruit.
Green & Gold aims to expand distribution of Macadamias through a cost-effective and comprehensive marketing and sales network that spares all major and emerging markets.
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