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Dedication - Passion - Integrity: Brussels - Belgium 1987!

Caplenco is based in Dilbeek, 7 km from Brussels, the heart of Europe.
After having worked several years for Sunkist Europe, Jean Van Cappellen started the company in 1987.

Our focus is on Edible nuts; Pecans, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pine Kernels, Macadamia, Pistachios, Walnuts, Amazonia nuts. We are also active in several other products close to the Nuts and dried fruit category.

First class Customer deserve First class Suppliers and a First class Service.

Your Caplenco Team@your service!

Caplenco is a member of Belgafood



We strive to provide the Highest Possible Standard of Service and are constantly updating our systems to be able to do so. We look forward to convincing you of our reliable service:
  • Market updates.
  • Product Specifications.
  • Efficient handling of possible claims.
  • Confidentiallity.
  • Staff with high communication skills.

Product links and information

Borges is fruit of the Mediterranean values. Values that today it spreads throughout the world, with natural quality products, healthy and tasty, so that all people can benefit from the standards of quality and qualities of the Mediterranean culture, life and diet
Progida was founded in Istanbul in 1988.Today one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural and semi-finished hazelnut kernels and operate a modern factory in Giresun / Turkey.
The CERNO GROUP is organised around it Walnuts Growers Cooperative COOP CERNO and it commercial subsidiary CERNO.
For 30 years, COOP CERNO has been federating some 500 Producers and promotes the Walnut Activity.
In 1925 August Wilhelm Kruse und Friedrich Karl Eduard Heß founded Kruse, Heß & Co., based in Hamburg.
Today Kruse, Hess & Co. GmbH & Co. imports a wide range of seeds and dried fruit.
Green & Gold aims to expand distribution of Macadamias through a cost-effective and comprehensive marketing and sales network that spares all major and emerging markets.
BELGAFOOD verzamelt de leden van Comeos die gespecialiseerd zijn in voedingsproducten: het gaat om agenten, invoerders en andere tussenpersonen.
Belgafood is eveneens een adviesplatform.
Caplenco is lid van Belgafood
BELGAFOOD rassemble les membres de Comeos spécialisés dans l’importation de produits alimentaires: il s'agit d'agents, importateurs et commissionnaires. C’est aussi une chambre d’avis.
Caplenco est membre de Belgafood